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Explore the Wenonah landscape from a variety of different perspectives. 


Over 230 pictures of WEC activities, Wenonah wildlife, and more.

Local Species

Learn about the trees and other plants that populate Wenonah's Conservation Lands.


How Wenonah, its Conservation Lands, and the WEC came to be.

Poetry: "Nature"

Nature is good because trees help us breathe.
Nature is good because it gives us plants.
Nature is good because it is home to the animals.
Nature is good because it gives us food to eat.
Nature is good because we can swim in the rivers, streams and lakes.
Nature is good to us so please be good to NATURE!

                -- by Devon Crosley, Wenonah School
                    (the winning poem associated with the 2007 Kids' Hike)

Poetry: "Moments in Wenonah Woods"

A big black snake slithering 
through the green ivy. A tree chewed 
by a beaver almost ready to fall. 
Catching a sunny fish with my dad 
in our secret fishing spot. Blue jays 
flying in the big blue sky. Deer 
leaping over fallen branches. Carv-
ing my initials on a tree trunk. 
Discovering a turtle's empty shell 
near an old stump. A beautiful 
red fox dashing into the woods at 
sunset. And me seeing it all.

                -- by Madeline Kreck, Wenonah School
                    (the winning poem associated with the 2005 Kids' Hike)

Poetry: "The Woods In Winter"

The woods are covered with a blanket of snow,
It's hard to tell which way to go.

Crunching snow, crisp air,
I spot some tracks over there.

Footprints lead me to the trail,
I'll soon be sipping cocoa without fail.

I think the woods are very nice,
When all covered with snow and ice.

                -- by Emma Giordano, Wenonah School
                    (the winning poem associated with the 2004 Kids' Hike)