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Get Involved!

Each year the Environmental Commission undertakes several large-scale projects that require advance planning and volunteer help.  It seems like there is never enough time to get to some of the smaller projects or housekeeping chores.  The following is a list of projects that can be undertaken by individuals or small groups:

  • WENONAH SWIMMING LAKE, TRAILS AND PARKING AREAS - General cleanup along perimeter, open drainage basins. 
  • DILK'S POND AND TRAIL AREA - Clean up trash along edge of the pond and wooded area trail. Remove limbs and debris from pond.
  • COMEY'S LAKE AND TRAILS AREA - Remove material and debris in and around dock and Japanese Tea House. Remove leaves and debris from amphitheatre levels. Clean limbs, debris from inlet streams and waterfalls. Clean and replace missing pieces from old boathouse steps. Cut up (18" long) fallen trees along trails and stack at curb for pickup. 
  • SYNNOTT'S POND /CAMELBACK RUN STREAM AND TRAIL AREA - Collect trash and cut up (18" long) fallen trees between Glassboro Road and pond. Stack wood at curb for pickup. Clean out storm-water drain silt traps at Glassboro Road and Mantua Avenue.
  • ELDRIDGE, INDIAN, MONONGAHELA LOOP AND WOODS OF WENONAH TRAIL AREAS - Cut fallen trees and stack at nearest road. Clean all trail areas and trim overgrowth. 
  • MONONGAHELA BROOK AND SOUTH CLINTON GARDEN TRAIL AREAS - Remove fallen trees. Clean all trail areas and trim overgrowth. Clean out algae at the Stone Pond.
  • GLEN TRAIL AREA TO TRESTLE - Remove trash on conservation area at entrance. Clean trails and trim overgrowth. Clean all trash along railroad and under trestle bridge. 
  • MANTUA CREEK TRAIL AREA - Clean trails and trim overgrowth. Clean around signs at West Mantua Avenue entrance. 
  • BREAK BACK RUN TRAIL AREA - Clean trails and trim overgrowth.  Pick up trash along Maple Ave., Woodbury-Glassboro Road, and W. Mantua Ave.
  • Eradicate non-native invasive plant species.
  • Take digital photos of flora & fauna for this website.

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Stay Informed!

WEC produces a periodic e-mail newsletter (usually monthly) with local environmental news and local upcoming events of interest. 

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Even more details on our current activities can be found in the monthly meeting minutes.